Our Programs

Individual Experiences

Are you transitioning into something new in your life? Do you feel stuck? Our individual sessions offer deep healing for you by connecting to horses. Our herd has helped so many connect to their heart’s desire and uncover emotions, allowing you to experience a new way to feel.


Our locations each offer half day, full day and two-day workshops. We believe in offering many ways for people with or without horse experience to connect to the spirit of Horse.

Expansive Leadership

Do you want to learn more about your team and teach them new leadership skills? Do you want to expand your team’s ability to perform while managing stress? We can help teach your team through a hands-on experience, where the horse becomes the gentle teacher.

Journey to Your Higher Self

Do you seek to connect to our spiritual ancestors? Have you been exploring other paths or traditions relating to indigenous cultures or other alternative ways to heal? Our Journey to Your Higher Self will transform your life, opening your heart by deeply connecting you to the natural world. Allow Horse to guide you into your heart and manifest your dreams to see what you were meant to do. Come be still with us and connect to nature through the traditions of our ancestors.

Our program consists of a three-point journey, with four days spent at each of our beautiful locations.

  • Amarillo, Texas – Connect to Spirit
  • Missoula, Montana – Connect to Earth
  • Canton, Georgia – Connect to Yourself

Each of these program sessions will include sacred ceremonies, hands-on workshops with horses, meditation and group discussions.