Barbara Neilen

Barbara Neilan is a non-profit leader and co-founder of Equus Wisdom and Coaching.

As with so many women, numerous and varied roads have led Barbara to her current leadership role. Over her 40+ (yikes) year career, she has worked in law, real estate, been the publicist of an internationally renowned theatre, an entrepreneur and, for the last 15 years, the CEO of a highly respected and successful non-profit. In 2017, after an intensive year of training, Barbara received her Equine Facilitated Coaching certification through the Academy of Coaching with Horses using the Mind Body Coaching method.

Barbara is a Montana native. She is an extensive traveler/adventurer but has always been called back to the joys of living in the mountains of Montana. As with each of us, her journey through life has led through joy and heartbreak and with each transition from one phase of life to the next she has been a seeker, questioning the whys of life and looking for ways to move forward with knowledge, at least a little more wisdom and grace. This personal seeking, especially facing the inescapable truths of being in the last third of her life, and her lifetime love of horses, is what brought her to equine facilitated coaching. Having personally experienced the profound understanding and powerful personal healing of the combination of equine wisdom and Mind Body coaching, she knew she wanted to share it with others and to help set them on their own journey of understanding the beauty and power of living life balanced in body, mind and emotions.

Barbara is also an advocate of functional medicine and knows the power of many different healing modalities. She loves to incorporate other teachers and modalities into her work.