Laurie Higgins-Kerley

Laurie Higgins-Kerley’s enthusiasm for explorations into“the mystery of all life” is infectious. Daughter of a family physician and a vigorous mother who lived to be 94, infecting her with a love for wellness and nature, Laurie became a practicing registered dietitian as a young woman and eventually set off on a path of holistic healing and study.

Her training includes Native American Medicine Wheel teachings and techniques, Shamanic healing ways and ceremonies, energetic chakra clearing through Pleiadian Lightwork, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. She has facilitated, hosted, and led workshops and schools on Medicine Wheel teachings and ceremonies, led seasonal drummings, and has had a healing practice since 2003. In 2008, she lost her husband and father of her four children to cancer.

Inspired by this journey of grief which ultimately led to transformation through time spent with her own small herd of horses, Laurie founded the non-profit organization, Dove Creek Equine Rescue in 2012 and has been Executive Director of it since. This haven on her family ranch has become a place where restoration happens. Horses are rescued, rehabilitated, retrained, and rehomed. All sorts of horses and the people who work with them develop a synergy that heals the abused, the neglected, the broken…Seeing the profound effect horses had on the staff and volunteers in their journey back to health, Laurie wanted to create a program focusing on the healing partnership between horses and humans.

She graduated from Kathy Pike’s Coaching with Horses certification program in April 2017 and joyfully integrates her path to wholeness with this powerful heart centered approach; exploring the authentic expression and inner wisdom within each one of us who walk this walk with her.