Traci Hoop

Traci Van Berg Hoops grew up in Nebraska in a horse racing family. Her passion for horses runs deep hailing from a 2 generation legacy of Hall of Fame thoroughbred trainers. As much as she loved traveling around the country with the horses, she did not find her place in the racing industry. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Traci started her family and spent the next 20 years raising 4 daughters traveling the world. While raising 4 girls, she had the opportunity to mentor many young girls and women and found a true passion for helping others discover presence, self awareness, truth, confidence and trust. Horses came back into Traci’s life after settling in Boulder, CO where she now lives with her human and equine herd on 20 acres.

Weaving her desire to bring more intention to her mentoring with her passion for horses, Traci received her certification in Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching after graduating from the Academy for Coaching with Horses. Traci believes that horses are our greatest teachers and the interactions we have with them reflect how we approach our human to human connection(s). A horse feels, he doesn’t think in words. Horses survive and thrive by experiencing the simple energy of their emotional state of being. Simply put, horses are present and it is through their presence one can start opening up to not only what is but what is possible.